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Getting started

Cain I join the game? If so, how do I do it?
Look at the list of available domains. Look for those that are marked as 'Available'. Make a note of which one you would like to play. Then send an email to dukediem@hotmail.com and tell the GM what you would like to play. Also include a line or two about who you are.


Do rivers count as bodies of water in the context of ley lines crossing them?
Can a ley line crossing water be longer than 150 miles?
  • No. Even if it crosses a body of water smaller than 150 miles across, the total length of the ley line cannot be more than 150 miles.
What if I get a source holding in the terminal province of a ley line after said ley line is created?
  • Then it won't fade away, provided you pay the upkeep.
Does this campaign use any of the optional rules, i.e. power-up, discount maintainance, or power forging??
  • No.
Do I have to pay upkeep for a ley line that will fade away anyway?
  • Yes, but only for the one season it exists.
Can I create a ley line into a province I don't control?
  • Yes, but you'll only get three months' use out of it. If you create such a ley line in T3.1, it will fade away at the end of T4.1.
What holdings can affect affect the chance of suceeding when ruling, contesting and creating holdings?
  • Law holdings can modify ruling/contesting/creation of temple, guild and other law holdings in the same province. They cannot affect source holdings
  • All other holdings can only affect the same type of holding. Ie. temple holdings, can only modify success chances of other temple holdings and so on.
How can I transfer GB/RP/Court Actionss/Holdings/Assets to another regent?
  • Awaiting GM answer.
How much does it cost to research Battle and Realm spells?
1 month and 1 GB per 3 levels of the spell. So for a level 5 spell, it would be 2 months and 2 GB.
How much does it cost to research normal spells?
When you have access to the spell in a tome or on a scroll
Spell research is significantly easier if aid is available in the form of an existing spell in a spell book or scroll. Wizards, magicians, and clerics of Ruornil all follow the rules for adding spells to a wizard's spellbook presented in the Player's Handbook (page 155). This mage must have a copy of the spell (in another spellcaster's spellbook or on a scroll), study the work for one day, and make a spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level) to determine if they are able to grasp the spell. The mage may gain a +2 circumstance bonus to this check if they have a tutor capable of casting the spell. Tutors generally charge a fee equal to twice what it would normally cost to have the NPC cast that spell for the character (See NPC Spellcasting in the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 149). If the check succeeds, then the mage is capable of casting the spell, but requires an additional day plus one day per level of the spell (and 100gp/day in expenses) to complete the research and add the spell into their spell book.
When you don't have access to the spell in a tome or on a scroll
By tradition, mages in Cerilia do not share spells with each other, save for the few minor spells that pass from master to apprentice. It is generally believed that a wizard who does not craft her own spells lacks an appreciation for the dangerous power that she commands. Cerilian mages have learned that power given without cost is too freely misused. A mage without appreciation for the forces that they command is a danger to wizard and non-wizard alike. Adding a spell to one's spellbook without help from a scroll, spellbook, or tutor is significantly more time consuming. Such research requires access to a well-stocked library, one week per level of the spell, and expenses of 1,000gp/week. At the end of that time, the character makes a Spellcraft roll check (DC 15 + spell level). If that roll succeeds, the mage learns the new spell. If the roll fails, the character must go through the research process again if she wants to keep trying. Many Cerilian mages spend much of their time and income on such research.
Where can I find stats for units in battle?
Here: http://www.brpbem.net/Info/Units.htm
Can Landed Regents assist in the Contesting of a Source? I know they can help defend...but can they also lend RP during contesting?
Anyone that owns the province can add RP to either side as they please.
How many actions does one have in a turn, of what type, depending on what class you are?
Everyone has 1 (one) Domain Action per month. AND! to devide as you please (across 3 months (a real turn)) you have as many Court actions as you Court Level (minimum 1 usually as long as at least 0,5). AND! Each Regent, Cohort and Lieutentant have one Character Action EACH month. Note though... ONE action... not ta lot of different things

in addition... several classes have ONE "free" action.. which for most means an extra Action.. that is a COURT action INSTEAD of a Doman action....

AND! if you have an LT.. once every 3 months... you can do an EXTRA Domain Action... BUT the LT is then fully occupied (aka he also ofc use his Character Action that month)

  • Rogue - Espionage
  • Barbarian - Declare War
  • Barbarian - Declare War
  • Bard - Agitate or Diplomacy
  • Cleric - Agitate
  • Druid - Agitate
  • Magician - Research
  • Noble - Diplomacy
  • Paladin - Agitate (& Declare War action if a non-magical Holy War is under effect)
  • Ranger - Espionage (Scouting) [Special: need to use their character action as well]

Is RP collection based on the skill set of the regent and the type of holding in question...not related to the class of the regent?

No, that's in that BRCS stuff.

  • Law: Noble warrior (100%), ranger (100%), fighter (100%), paladin (100%), barbarian (100%), rogue (50%), cleric(50%).
  • Temple: Cleric (100%), paladin (100%).
  • Source: Wizard (100%).
  • Guild: Bard (50%), rogue (100%), ranger (100%), noble guilder(100%).
  • Province: All classes 100%.
How can you stop someone from collecting GB from holdings? Do you need to occupy the provinces, and if so, with how many units?

You can do one of (at least 3 things) 1) Occupy it. 2) Contest it. 3) Use Espionage Action to cause so much trouble that it wont happen.

Remember: contesting something just once doesn't reduce it - and you can occupy something w/o burning it down

To Reduce Holdings, you use a unit... Each Unit can reduce One Level of Holding... Per War Move. If it moved that War Move, it cannot Occupy/Reduce. So...each War Move where an army dont do anything else, each unit can reduce ONE level of Holding

Of course some logical is involved. If a unit occupy a holding for one week, ofc not all money is lost. But if it keeps occupying for months on end.. no money generated.

Just to occupy, as a thumb of rule (if not "extra security" within) one unit per 3 levels of holding to reduce. one per one per warmove :D

The other point is that, as some law regents will find, declaring martial law (requires Declare War action) and burning stuff to the ground is IMMENSELY unpopular

My regent wants to go on an adventure for xp, glory and loot. Can you give an example of what I would write in my turn?

Prince Darien Avan will leave ruling the realm to others this turn, and head up into the Seamist mountains with his personal adventuring party. He intends to personally destroy the bugbear warlocks that have been causing Harald Khorien such headaches. He'll take every precaution, and taking trophies etcetera is just as important as the fight itself - the propaganda-part is just as important. Keep Khorien satisfied. Will also have Nichaleirs LT cast shield other and bear's endurance when dangerous stuff happens - don't want to get the Prince in real danger. Try to find the leader, kill him, and make Khorien happy.

That might be eough in itself for a resolution, or I might send the player of Darien Avan a mail when it turns out the lord of the bugbears is none other than Aeric Boeruine himself, dressed up with a mask and everything! For instance.

What are the rules for increasing a court?
We're kind there. Just tell us in an action that you increase it. BRCS says Court acion. But meh. Just increase it. I dont care :D You can increase it by one "step" each time. (each step being 2-3 GBs IIRC... I think the table is to be found at bottom of the Rules page). So its a Free Action, but can only be done once per turn.
Can a guilder covertly establish law or temple holdings, or (if he is a wizard) source holdings? Vice versa as well of course: can a priest with a temple holding establish a guild or source holding?

If the LT is of the right sort... then if its supported by an espionage action... yes (aka the LT MUST be a true-wizard to be able to make a Source).

Yes. Anyone can try to make secret whatever.... but if you're not a "secret organization" its not really as easy. the Level 0 part is often easy... its if its to get bigger thats the hard part. You do not need to continue to use Esp.Action to keep it hidden.

But to manage to Rule it, you do need to use Esp.Actions instead of the Rule. the Esp.Action IS the rule action.

All source-holdings are "secret" since only wizards can sense them, so I agree. Mundane espionage don't help

How secret is secret, how do the mechanics for finding out work?
If an espionage-action fails with less than 10, you are not sure who did it. If it fails by more than 10 you know the culprit.
Can assets be hidden?
Assets are usually not hidden.. but if you use an Esp.Action... yes.. it can be covert. If someone goes about in the province looking.. well... its not the highest DC to find. If you use a Esp.Action you can hide the construction of Assets/other things/etc. Clearly highways can't be secret as they kinda have to go thru a province.
Can you spend RP/GB on character actions? Adventuring? Research?
GB, where useful, yes. RP, no. For adventures and research etcetera : GB can be used for useful stuff like hirelings, gaining accesss to personal archives etc. RP can not be used.
If I stab someone blooded in the heart - what happens? Or how many ranks Knowledge:bloodlore do I need to answer the question?

As for bloodtheft: you need at least one rank in knowledge: bloodlore, OR be of a veeeeeery old noble family indeed. (We're speaking ducal.) Then you know it exists. You also know its dreadfully illegal, evil, and akin to raping the corpse of the priest you just strangled with the hair of a unicorn.

As a side-note and case in point: forcefully deinvesting someone is always unpopular, considered not good, but its done. Neither lawful or good, and often frowned upon.

Deinvesting someones BLOODLINE is illegal by all imperial law, and really really bad.

Alliances. There is not enforcing body for them. Thus honor and public image are the only thing that drive one to be compelled or bound to them once they are signed? Additionally, the terms of them have to be defined between the parties involved? Also, they can be public or private, the latter requiring an Espionage action for a 3rd party realm to figure out if any alliances are in place?
No its the public image. It is of course conidered the height of horrid and you will get the scorn of the White Hall and Caliedhe Dosiere both for sure. The alliance members themselves (and anyone else who is Lawful and thus should take offence of someone braking their word/honour) is the ones to enforce it. and yes, it is a medium leveled DC for an esp.action to find out alliances but still an esp.action.
Provinces have numbers behind them, like Ilien 7/0 [9/32]. What do they mean?
  1. 7: Province level. The size of the population and economy in the province. 7 means a large and wealthy population.
  2. 0: Source level. The number of source holdings in the province, how much magic power is in the land.
  3. These two numbers are linked, so that once the province level goes up, the source goes down. Unless you rule over a province with mostly elves.
  4. [9/32] - This means that you are 9/32 on your way to making the 7 go up to 8. This number usually goes up by one every fall season. You can also do a 'rule province' action, which makes the number increase with 1 for every 1GB you spend. So spending 10GB on Rule Province in Ilien will make it go from 9/32 to 19/32. Only 13 more GB before it turns into a level 8-province.


How do I know which types of troops are good for which types of terrain?
Cavalry isn't good in mountains. Archers isnt good in the middle of an ancient forest. Try to use common sense, ask if you are unsure.
Are troop movements limited by terrain as per BRCS? They can move their Movement Rate per week (war move) or per month? What is the cost (in court/domain actions) to move troops through allied provinces, neutral provinces, and enemy provinces? Does the Declaration of War have any impact?
If its your/neutral/enemy do not affect movement. What does is this:

Terrain. The harder the terrain, the more movementpoint used. if there is a highway, then count it as plains (aka 1). High Mountains (like in Baruk-Azik) can only be traversed by dwarves. It is exactly as the terrain chart in the rules book.
What is the role of fortifications in combat? What do they do?
  1. they make sure all units loose any superfluous movementpoints
  2. you have to put units behind to "siege it"... or enginerrs to blow it to bits
  3. it adds defence score and moral score to all units within (you can have Level units within) in a fight
  4. if you win only "slightly" you do not have the option to force the defender to withdraw out of the province
Declaring War: It is a Domain Action, but people have attacked other realms without apparently Declaring War. This would have meant that they spent their Domain Action to (secretly) "declare war"? I am not singling them out, but they are a salient example. If Realm Y wants to attack Realm X. Can they "secretely" declare war (in turn submission) without it being publicly known?

Yes. But not delivering it to the white hall secretly (just note in turn or send e-mail). It is considered Bad by Anuire. Yes. You can still take the Domain Action "declare War" but "forget" to officially tell a LOT (anyone that is Lawful really) should take offense over such things.

Remember that Declare War is needed to all crossing of borders though, as it also means the logistics involved in crossing into enemy territory. Thus, even if someone else Declared War on ya, you need a Declare War for a counter-invasion.

(free action yes to defend, move about on your own land... court to move about on provinces belonging to an ally on which you got an official (dip action) alliance with).. but declear war if you're to move back onto an ememies provinces

Declare War: gives you for free 4 war moves (aka you then don't need to use court actions)


Why have I not recived a username and password for the Turn Delivery?
To get one, you should send the GM (dukediem@hotmail.com) a mail with your desired username and password.
Has a Goblin ever mated with a Human?
Has offspring ever come of it?
Not that is offically know at least.
How do I make an avatar for the forums?

Find an image. Any image you think fits. Save it to your computer. Then go to http://www.picnik.com/app and upload it. Next step is to crop it to cut away any unwanted parts of the image. Next step is to rezise it. Make sure the longest dimension is no longer than 150px. Then save it and make sure the file is no larger than 73.38 KB. If it is too large, try resizing it smaller, or increasing jpg-compression in the saving process or using another image format.

Next step is to upload it somewhere, so it becomes accessible via an url. Photobucket and Flickr are allright, as are a ton of other image sites. If you can't work out how any of them work, have a look here. Then go to http://www.brpbem.net/forum/ucp.php?i=profile&mode=avatar and enter the url to your picture. And voila, you should be done.